50 Year Reunion - Only 3 Years Away in 2020

When we have a firm date, sometime in January of 2018, we will update you asap.


This is the new website for our SJHS Class of 1970, St Joseph, MI. We will have lots of new information re: classmates and what we will be planning for our 50 Year Reunion coming up in 2020. We will be deciding at least 18 months in advance on dates and venues so you can plan your trip to what should be an exciting event. Be sure to update us on any new contact information you may have so we can make sure we keep you up to date.

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Contact Us At...

Email: dk@dkfoto.com

Phone Number: 269.235.0581

1417 Lake Blvd  St Joseph MI 49085

Your Help

We really need your help in making sure we have your current contact information, email - address - phone number. Our goal is to reach as many classmates as we can so we can keep you all abreast of what we have planned for our next reunion and to let you know about our classmates. On the contact page you'll see email addresses for each committee member. Send your new information to any one of these people and we'll update your information.

Photos Wanted

If you have any photos you'd like to share that you have from Kindergarten to our Senior Year, please send us a digital copy if you can. The best way is to scan them but if you don't have a scanner available just take a photo with your phone and send us the digital file. If you have any questions let us know.

A Special Thank You

A very special Thank You to Colleen Gillespie-Bollivar and Tom Kirkdorfer for letting us hold our 35 Year and 40 Year Reunion at their lovely homes. Also, to Tracy Skinner for letting us hold our Friday Night Get Togethers at her place on the beach for the last two reunions. A big Thank You to three classmates for helping us have such a great time.

Summer or Autumn or Either Reunion Vote

About 5 months ago a questionnaire went out to about 30 classmates asking when they would want to hold our 50 Year Reunion - Summer or Autumn or Either. The response was Summer 4 / Autumn 6 / Either Summer or Autumn 10. We did receive a couple responses stating that they have annual plans for certain times of the year. We try to take every consideration when planning our reunion so that we can hopefully make it convenient for as many as possible. As you know, St Joseph and the surrounding area is the place to be in the summer. We have a huge tourism population during the summer and they stay at the hotels which of course drives up the price and they are full. We are working on several options for lodging whenever we decide to hold the reunion. After Labor Day the prices do drop a little bit and occupancy does go down so it's a little easier to book hotel rooms. We will take all of these facts into consideration when we plan the reunion. If you have any thoughts or ideas please do not hesitate to share them.  

Lighthouse Forever Fund

Our Class of 1970 donated a little more than $1000.00 to the fund to save the Lighthouse and to restore the catwalk leading to the Lighthouse. Because of the generous donations from several of our classmates we now have our name listed on the donors wall. The photo, below left, has an inset that shows our name as SJHS Class of 1970.

Our class helped sponsor ENCORE by placing a full page ad in the program. ENCORE is an Alumni Variety Show and is a collaboration between the St Joseph Public Schools Foundation, the St Joseph High School, and its alumni featuring actual acts as they were presented on stage from the 1950s through the 1990s.

St. Joseph Public Schools, est. 1837

The city of St. Joseph was incorporated as a village in 1834

Our class was the 98th graduating class

Maize and Blue became the school colors in 1913

A contest was held during the 1933/34 school year to decide on a mascot. The Vote was between the Vikings, Seagulls or Bears

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