St Joseph High School Bears

Class of 1970 Reunion Committee

Chris Pearson-Petzke

Chris is our very own Sherlock Holmes and is our greatest asset in keeping track of all of you. But to help us out if you have any new information for yourself or another classmate, please contact Chris.

Jan Kirkdorfer-Nelson

Jan is our Girl-Friday. Is that okay to say "girl" in today's world? She takes care of so many things during our reunions plus helping David throughout the year leading up to the reunion. She's the best.

Gary Sternaman

Always taking care of those little things that fall through the cracks so we don't forget something. If it's electronic and we need it - Gary has it or will get it. If there's a Guy-Friday it's Gary.

Jim Bartley

Jim is our treasurer and he takes good care of our reunion money. Very good care. We're always happy with donations. If you feel like helping out please contact Jim.

Cookie Kemp-Hartzell

When you get Cookie and Jan together - watch out. You never know what kind of reunion ideas these two will dream up. With a small budget they decorate with Maze 'n' Blue class.

Donna Nelli-Metz

Taking care of your reunion edibles and libations. Yes, Donna will certainly have a hand in taking care of those items and always finding just the right items to make it a great reunion.

Tom Kirkdorfer

What can I say about Dr. Tom?  If we need something added to make the reunion even better, Tom has it or will make it or will figure out how to do it. There's never a worry as it will be perfect.

Faith Schroeder-Smith

Couldn't be happier to have Faith join the committee. Nice to have fresh ideas to make the reunion great. She's been doing a little of everything for our 50 Year.

Neil Iwan

Another classmate to join in on the fun is Neil and we couldn't be happier. Neil, along with Chris, are working on our contact list. He's been working tirelessly in finding classmates.

Shirley Russell-Auringer

Taking care of business is Shirley. She finds people, helps with decorations, finds us those things Tom can't find. And is always at the ready to help.

Rita Stelter-Becht

Lovely Rita (meter-maid) is in charge of all the invites going out and coming in. She keeps it all organized and has for many years.

David Knight

David has the easy job - everyone else does all the work. The new website is something he now manages from his studio.

Roger Petzke

Roger makes us stay on-course and always has our back with so many good ideas. He's the one who always jumps in to help wherever he can.

Linda Witt-Mawhinney

Linda is the other lady who takes care of the reunion menu from start to finish. Finding just the right way to make a reunion flow and sparkle. 

Mark Mawhinney

Without Mark and the guys nothing would get done. What an outstanding job of helping with all of the “Things” that need to be taken care of for Thursday & Friday evenings.

Go Bears!!!

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