From Class President, Dr Robert Holmes re: Covid-19

 It's imperative to take this threat seriously and to follow the Governor's recommendations.   Lay low if possible and avoid crowding.   We are now in the higher risk age group, so we have to be cautious.   The usual precautions should be heeded:  frequent and thorough hand washing, covering sneezes and coughs, and no contaminated hands to face.  Known cases should be quarantined and avoided.

I'm hopeful that the threat will be gone by September. Be vigilant, and I hope to see everyone at our 50 Year Reunion.

The Cryan' Shames - It Could Be We're In Love

One of those great songs from 1968 that we would listen to on WLS or WCFL

50 Year Reunion

September 25, 26 & 27, 2020

The Heritage Museum & Cultural Center - Saturday the 26th.

Our 50 Year Reunion will be held at the beautiful and spacious Heritage Museum. As a classmate once said about getting a little older, "We deserve to have nice things." This is why the committee decided on this location - the same location but different building - as our 20 Year Reunion in 1990. It's an absolutely beautiful venue and we're sure you'll love it. Here are a couple links to show you the location and venue. This one is a link to Google Maps - Heritage. This link is for The Heritage website.

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Hotels in Our Area

Here are two links to help you find lodging for your stay during the reunion. We are working on finding some discounted rooms but we are having difficulty in that we are a tourism area and people just love coming to Southwest Michigan.

Southwest Michigan Hotels Website with Local Hotels

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Our Friends from BHHS - Class of 1970

The Benton Harbor class of 1970 will be holding their reunion the weekend of July 18, 2020. I'm not sure where this will be held but when I have more information I'll post it. 

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Sing we hail to Alma Mater,

Praise by sons and daughters all.

Give her victory and honor.

May her banner never fall.

For we love our St. Joe High School

Raise her Maize and Blue on high.

Though twill soon be just a mem’ry.

All the dear days just gone by.

We will all remember fondly,

Alma Mater, St. Joe High.

Thank you to Heather Burke-Fogle for finding a "boo-boo" in the above. The 2nd to last line was not in the correct place. All is fixed and the Alma Mater stands tall.

SJHS Class of 1970 Alumni Perform at Fund Raiser

Donna Nelli-Metz, Sue Waymire-Manke, Jim Bartley, David Knight & Pete Tohluizen

ENCORE 2018 - St. Joseph High School Variety Show Reunion - August 17-18, 2018

Donna Nelli-Metz, Sue Waymire-Manke continued the saga of the two little girls from the ENCORE 2014 & 2016 skits. As you can see they've reached heaven. Middle photo we see Jim Bartley & David Knight with two other alum from SJ, Morgan Ingle & Kathy Donoho. Jim & David were part of the male dancers for the 2nd Act Opener. After the show on Saturday night the cast was treated to an After Glow party at Vivi's in downton SJ. Here we find Pete Tohluizen at the bar with Steve Reed (orchestra teacher at SJ 1977-2010) and fellow alum Scott Taylor, Al's brother.

Photos from Encore / Showtime 2018

Below the photo of the Showtime 2018 Dancers you'll see a link. That link will take you to the Google Photos website where there are plenty of photos from the show.

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